Sunday, September 13, 2009

Battles have been Lost but the War's not Over

This morning in the great state of Massachusetts, a Mass (see i made a funny) of people are walking, some are walking a few miles and some many. They're walking in hopes to Cure Cancer. There are four stupendous young women who are among the throngs I like to call my friends. They're not just any friends either. They are from various backgrounds; Stacy: computer Extraordinaire and owner of Captain Jack the pirate cat , Cindy: I am certain Teacher of the year somewhere in the future; Hayes: Miss ICanGetAnythingDONE; and last but not least, Amy: sweetheart of a gal who's got the heart of a lion and married to the most filthy mouthed boy I know and love...along with she's walking in honor of her mother-in-law, Billie, and her friend, Jeneen.

We've all had our touch with Cancer. I know my good friend Ted's mother has battled it. My own grandfather and aunt died from it. While those deaths definitely impacted me in ways it would take a lifetime to tell you about, Cancer took a dear young friend of mine years ago and that is who I think of when I think of Cancer: Cindy Church.

Cindy left a young son, Brandon. She fought the good fight against the evil and tried everything she could to win....but it ravaged her body and finally took it over leaving her a shell. It's been over 10 years since her death but not a day goes by that I don't look up at her picture in my office and wonder what her life would have been like. Cindy lived life in it's face....laughing, always smiling, right up to the end. I visited with her a few weeks before her death and while I sat there seeing how this cancer was taking over her body, it did NOT take away her soul. That day....more than ever before, I wanted to live life with vigor. Laugh at Death. Stare it in it's face and Dare it to push me around.

Today, I want you to reach down in your FREAKING pockets and purses and wallets and bank accounts and see what can YOU give!!! I Challenge YOU!!! Because you don't have to give don't have to give don't have to give hundredsd....

You Just Have to GIVE. Will you do that? The JimmyFund is still open for business...clicking on Team Surviving Grady is still taking requests. The group picture above was taken this past May at a gathering of us all...the guy in the far left hand?? Well let's just say, he wanted to be in the picture as well(thanks Brain!)

So there you have it....two different clicks. If you don't want to give in the name of Team SG...give in the name of your loved one who's fighting or lost the battle. Just GIVE TODAY.


Ted D said...

Well said, Tex. I was extra proud of all our friends today.

In the words of a certain young lady from Texas, they done good.

Cake said...

You're one of the good ones, Tex...and you need to post more.