Monday, December 28, 2009

I YAM what I YAM

After Christmas, I decided to head over for a overnighter to my friend, Pam, in Clear Lake. Sunday morning after eating breakfast and visiting, we decided to head to Kemah to hang out for an hour or so.  We were strolling along when we came across this Picture Board near one of the shops.  I laughed so loud because the night before I had been talking about not trying to put on airs and be something I'm not...I said "I am what I am" and my friend said, 'yeah, like Popeye'  So of course I HAD take a picture.

The thing is I've learned in my years is I shouldn't have to try hard to impress others.  I Yam what I Yam as the picture says...and if you don't like or appreciate me as I am, you're not worth my time to know.  That's how I live my life now.  I don't consider myself a rude person but I can be rather brash and blunt...when someone needs it.  Sugar coating is only for candy and candy asses.   I think I'm generous...perhaps not so much with monies as I don't have a lot...but at least with my time and my heart.  Sometimes money doesn't help problems....but everyone needs someone to listen to them with compassion...and I got lots of that. 
I don't like status quo or the norm...and if you know me, you know.  I like boots. No that's a lie.
I love to have fun and laugh and cut up....but I need my time alone and sometimes won't answer the phone. 

I LOVE BOOTS. I got a way from wearing them for awhile...but realized later in life how much I really really love wearing them. They are my splurge. I'm not old but I am getting older...and wiser....and younger beyond my years.   I'm stubborn....or you could say I'm determined and persistent...but I'm willing and open to listening to your ideas.  I'm private.

WHAT YOU SAY???? But you have a BLOG...Private people do NOT have blogs.
WRONG.  I expose of my life what I want you to know. The rest is private. There are those out there who 'know' me.  I select slowly who I let in my world. I select carefully what I share with the others.  So when you think you know who "Tex" is....better look again. I am an onion....many layers. If you cut me, you may cry.

I YAM what I YAM....that's what should go on my tombstone.
I'm fairly certain I've passed this gene on to my son....

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Ted D said...

Tex, I'd say you were spot on in describing you. ;) And I wouldn't want you any other way. And yeah; I think he got that gene as well.