Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favre's not a Saint but he's My Cowboy

captured from Wordpress file of Embracing Life
So while I'm out enjoying music at The Continental Club this afternoon, I look over and see the play off game between the Cardinals and Saints at the bar...and the Saints are winning. Turns out they won this afternoon and on to the next Level!! 
Now I've got this dilemma pending...I've never really been a football fan to begin with so I don't want to hear loyalty and crap about rooting for the Cowboys. Yes, while I grew up a staunch Cowboy fan and my entire family is Cowboy fans....after Charlie Water and Roger Staubach lost it's fizzle with me.  Meanwhile, I find an affection with Louisiana due to my cajun heritage and an ex-boyfriend who rooted passionately for LSU and the Saints. Which is sorta cool as Drew is from Austin where I live now...and nice that hometown boy is doing well. 

But to throw the wrench into the mix....I've developed this crush on Favre. Maybe it's cos everyone else hates him. Maybe cos opponents are pissed he left his "loyalty" at the table. Maybe cos he's 40 and still playing FOOTBALL??!!!  Maybe cos he just looks damn HOT in those Wrangler jeans. Beats me but I just know Brett Favre needs to be in The tomorrow is doing to be alittle odd for me.  Cos I think I'll find myself rooting for 'The Boys' then rooting for Favre. Jerry Jones can go get another plastic surgery to wipe that frown off his face. 

Meanwhile, I'm showing My Austin off to my Canadian friend, Leslie, who is going to get doused with Cowboy-Style living tonight. 


Ted D said...

Brett Farve over the Cowboys?


Anyone but the Yankees over the Cowboys?


Tex said...

Hush UP

HorshamScouse said...

Favre was born in Mississippi and is French/Choctaw, apparently, so there's that as well.:)

Tex said...

so now it's down to the Saints and Favre...