Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers.....they don't just carry Guns

Old fans....young fans....crazy fans...bandwagoner Texas today, there's alot of fans who are happy...even Red Sox Fans who live in Texas are Happy.   Rain wasn't going to get in the way of Destiny Friday night....nope. (pictures taken off of Dallas newspaper and Fort Worth Star and used without permission but hey I'm giving credit! )

And neither was ARod and the rest of the AHoles who followed him from New York.  Anyone who is watching Ranger ball has seen this shirt in both above pictures...Speed is the Antler sign the boys use(hence the deer with hands above the head like antlers) And Claw is for strength...using again their hand as 'the claw'.  Is it corny?? Hell yah....but I LOVE shows the camaraderie of the boys!!   One cute poster in Boston(see Globe) even took it a step further to diss ARod (cos that's what we do as Red Sox fans)    If you're a Sox fan, you GET it and I don't need to explain it....if you need me.

October 27th, The Rangers will take on XXX Team to the World Series....and my bets are on them....I know I'll be smiling that day anyway cos it brings back such good memories


Ted D said...

Tex, I was raising the antlers myself some last night!

Tex said...

You've drank the kool-aid :)