Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Matters

I've lived in Austin almost 9 years.  I moved here indirectly because of 9-11 but that's another story for another post.   I was in Austin area for the weekend after a job interview when I saw I had a voicemail on my cell.  Now I was way out in the country visiting a dear friend so my phone would intermittently receive calls or texts.  It was Sunday morning and I had had a nice visit with friends and was enjoying my coffee.  As I listened to the voicemail from another friends' mom(who also worked at a local police department) to call as there was an emergency. Still just thinking it was something to do with Probation...I called.  My mind went numb after hearing. I hurriedly through clothes into my suitcase, got dressed, barely brushed my hair and I don't think I bothered to put one ounce of makeup on.  Running into the other room to tell Kim I had to leave right then because Dustin, my little sister's son, had been killed.

Dustin was the middle child between two sisters. The older sister who knew everything (and still does I LOVE YOU LINDSAY!!)  The little sister barely even being in this world yet but she was loved dearly by both her siblings...and she looked like me :)   Dustin was his father's right hand man on Sunday's at church, helping his dad out during Children's Church.  Dustin was a character AND he had character.  Dustin had more sense of what was right than most of us do in a lifetime. He loved to write. He loved to play the drums(like his mom did).  He is missed terribly.  My heart aches for my little sister. still.  Even though we're a family of five siblings, it was just she and I after the last sibling moved out and we were 10 and 6.  We were and are so different but she loves me like my mother does, unconditionally.  She's always been there for me while I was a single parent raising my son.  I wish there was something I could do to turn back the clock.  Memories of Dustin are everywhere in their house. Dustin's life should be celebrated. I still question why....

Everyone has been praying for my older sister's daughter, Crystal and her health and I thank you. 

This time of year is always very hard. But we move forward. Tell those who you care about that you love them. Life is short. Shorter than we may think.

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Ted D said...

Hard to believe another years gone by, Tex. Praying for your niece still.