Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beckett: Home Alone

So Beckett's isn't going to Japan: It's Official. Alot of skepticals are worried about Josh's back...but I'm not. I think this is all a labor of love that he is giving to Lester. Wake gave Lester his chance to be a hero in the World Series last year....Beckett is giving Lester Japan Stardom. Besides....Josh just isn't a sushi guy...he's more of a meat and potatoes man...hell Beckett is more of a Meat period man. I'm sitting thinking of all the things Beckett is going to do while his buddies are all over in sushi-land while he's still here state side.....
1. Practice how many beers cans he can shoot with one shot.
2. Measure the string out of the baseballs.
3. Call up Bill to see if he wants to compare the effects of drinking too much and smoking too much.
4. Stretching and icing his back.
5. Order up Personal Massages.
6. Mounting his kills from 2007.
7. Practicing Post Pressers in front of the mirror.
8. Pitching to Mirabelli.
9. Reading Manny's suggested book: The Secret; and
10. Taking dance lessons from the Dropkick Murphys so he can out dance Papelbon in October.
What do YOU think Beckett will be doing??


Ted D said...

//6. Mounting his kills from 2007.//

This sounds like the most reasonable reason, Tex. ;)

Great post, BTW.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Perhaps a little field trip to Papelbon's to verify that *actual* fate of the World Series ball. Next time Jon looks for it, he's going to find a note in its place: The dog ate it, my @ss.

beckperson said...

You're right, it was a great post! I like the idea of him measuring the baseball string!


Tex said...

i hate being a blogpimper...but i really loved this one. and it just came to me after thinking to myself...what the hell is Beckett gonna do?

Tex said...
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mary_craig19 said...

This is an awesome post, but I don't think Mirabelli will be available for Beckett to pitch to, because he will have stowed away on the Sox' plane to Japan.

He'll be sitting right behind home plate in full uniform, just in case Wakey needs him, or Schill needs somebody to talk to.

skeeter said...

I don't get paid to make these fucking predictions.

Tex said...

skeeter, ill send my friend I.R. Smith to see ya

Ted D said...

I'd like it noted for the record that I came over here of my own free will.

Blog pimper. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Pimp away, Tex! This post *rocked*.

Tex said...

::bows in silence::

and Ted...you have your following since you're "linked" on sg...i have to pimp for mine ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

For the record, I found Ted kinda by accident. No SG linkage! I visited *this* blog, totally by choice, based on the comments you leave on Ted's!

Tex said...

dawn i was blog pimping on SG board. ill admit it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Like I said, pimp away! I am just pointing out you get readers even without it! ;-)