Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally Baseball is HERE!

So the Red Sox had a clinic with some young baseball players today.

Is this a Manny in the making??

Is this a young Josh asking for the secrets from Wally?

Well Well WELL....looks like Steve the ferret has some competition in the title of Stuffed Mascot World Traveler.
Oki is saying "Can we take them back to the farm and train them for later?"
Baseball is Tomorrow Morning at Tokyo. IN TOKYO you heard me.
Who cares at this point? The Cask and Game On will be open at 5:30am....YEP you read right!! And I will have friends at Both of these places. Tru and Brenda will be at the game behind homeplate...while I think Cyn and Kelly will be at Game On to watch the game. Are they nuts??? YEP but hell so am I...I'll be sitting on my couch watching baseball Opening Day at 6am....but hey guess what??
Baseball is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ted D said...

I saw you had the same problem I did. Stupid DirecTV.

I'm sure after RSN bombards them with emails today that the problem will be fixed by tomorrow.

At least it'd better be.

Tex said...

direcTV sucks and blows. tell me HOW can ALL the other channels work on DirecTV but only NESN and ESPN didnt??

Ted D said...

They've been OK up until today.

Now? They are on double secret probation. I've got the cable company number programmed into speed dial just in case.

~**Dawn**~ said...

re: that first photo.

I didn't know Ted let Rakes travel to Japan! Maybe he wanted to see how Rakes did flying before he boards the plane for Boston...

Ted D said...

Gotta test it out, Dawn.

He didn't mind. ;)

beckperson said...

Tex, how come your blog name is *?

Very odd - check your profile. Confused.

BTW, 4 weeks till Austinpaloooooza!!!

::happi dance::

Tex said...

well I wanted to put the name of my blog on my pic so it wouldnt be so big. the blogster wont let me select font i put it ON my picture before i put the picture up. but it made me put a name of my I put something that wouldnt show up.