Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Friday night...somewhere to the right of this bleacher section...I'll be sitting with 3 friends and one of them is a virgin. That's right...they still exist....there are actually people who Still have YET to Do the Deed....Make the Trek....ya know....SEE a game At FENWAY!!! huh? wha??
Git Yor Minds outta the gutters.
I'll be meeting up with Hayes, Candaon and Ted to watch a game...the virgin?? Oh that'd be Ted. He's actually get a furlough from that place he lives at...I think he convinced them that he's gonna be with responsible adults....heh.
Anyhoo. I'm sure when it's over and done I'll post some pics and at least this trip I won't have to show Ted all my pictures of games he keeps ragging on me for. He'll have his own :)


Ted D said...

Here I am.

Tex, it's gonna be fantastic to see my first game at Fenway with you.

Thanks, sis.

Crystal said...

Can't wait to meet you on Sat!


Anonymous said...

Tru said....

What the hell is this? In Boston and you don't call?