Monday, May 26, 2008


To all the men and women serving out country and to those who have died serving our country so that we may fly that flag over Fenway. Ok so I should be referencing the American flag but I'm not. The American flag represents all those fighting to keep our rights to be free(that post is for another day)....BUT the flag I'm referring to is the World Series Champions 2007 flag....if it were not for all the service men and women in the past who won our right to express ourselves....we couldn't enjoy baseball, SG, blogging, internet friends, and getting to see Fenway with friends. We wouldn't have been able to ride with a guy named Al from Lebanon in a limo.

So today, I salute all of you Service Men and Women.


Ted D said...

Al ruled.

Great pictures, Tex. The one from Fenway is great, but the one at the bottom is even better.

Happy Memorial Day.

Tex said...

yah i thought so too. Oh and wish i woulda credited it before i closed out the website.

I always thought it strange to say
Happy Memorial...sorta oxymoron

Sparkle Plenty said...

LOVE the ring in the pic below, Tex! Are y'all havin' a mighty fine summer so far? Hope so! :-)