Thursday, September 04, 2008

If you fall off the horse...Get Back on It.

He's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be watching JPB return to the mound in Texas. Behind Homeplate. I'll be the one glued to her seat screaming and yelling her head off.

Until Security drags me away cos apparently it's illegal to trade sex for a autograph on the Texas flag. (sorry Crystal, I tried...but he I did give him your number)


HorshamScouse said...

Have a great Time, Tex and pics taken from the boobcam are mandatory :)

Crystal said...

Have a great time Tex! I'll be watching for you!

Thanks for handing over my number, I know he's been waiting fot it!

PV's Josh, kick some ass!

Ted D said...

Have fun storming the castle, Tex!

::Prays I don't get a call needing bail money wired to Texas::