Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bout Damn TIME.

Yep...that's OUR Closer...giving away bases to fans. After a grueling game last night with Beckett on the mound and the loss....Wake took the game under control and offense showed up and we took this game. I couldn't watch it but I followed it all through....I only wish I could have watched the Post-Game ParTAY!!! Sounds like the boys were in Charge!!! Paps kept his pants on and I'm sure it's because Tito warned him that this was a family show and no one wanted to see his drawers. Now with a few games to go....crossing fingers and praying the Rays go down hard the rest of the season so we could take the division back...but at least for another month...Baseball is still going strong for us. And for that...I am a happy gal.


Ted D said...

Tex, it was great! Pap was his usual self and they doused the bullpen cop!

October baseball will be played at Fenway Park. Ted is a happy camper.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Hooray, Tex! Enjoy the boys of summer-into-fall. Hope you're well and that your son has weathered the storm okay. I LOVE the new photo on your blog, and I really loved your post that's down the page a bit. This line touched my heart: "Determination would help him through anything...That is my legacy to him....the stars will shine....but you have to follow them first." I sure hope you're still writing your poetry; you have musical words in you.

Thanks for your happy b'day wishes! :-)

Tex said...

Everything is good...alot of work to be done back home but work builds muscles inside and out. I hope your birthday was SPARKTAKULAR!!