Friday, January 30, 2009

Even Tek gets a Salary Cut...blame it on the Economy

So...he signed and he signed for what was about already on the table....lots of questions flying around as to why he didn't go ahead and sign before...but who really cares...He Signed. NOW he is OURS for at least one year....and depending on his stats..perhaps another. Now did the teachers in Rochester, Michigan think that this young lad to the right..........
would go on to be a Major League Baseball Player???

OR This young boy???? Who played in the Little League World Series in 1984?

By the time he reached the Red Sox in the 90's...he was ready to rock and roll. Perhaps Tek should use the item he's holding in the picture below to improve his batting average....JUST KIDDING...well maybe not :)

Nonetheless, Tek did this to us once before in 2005...ya know, filing free agency to see what he was worth...and he got $40 million for 4 years then....but he's 4 years older and in catcher's years....well let's just say, ya gotta have knees of steel and you better be able to knock it out of the park or at least get some RBIs going. Tek's stats haven't been stellar...his offer of $5million for one year and a 2nd year option of $5/3 million depending on who opts the 'tion....hmmmm his salary has been cut in half basically....I know we need Tek for what he does behind the plate....NO...I'm not talking about his nice tush or quads...I mean his ability to assist the pitchers.

SO Will Tek be Captain Tek
Or will Tek Tank? I'm hoping and praying he brings the "C" on his chest for Champions.


Ted D said...

Tex, that picture of Tek made me sad; that's Rod Beck in the background.

RIP Rod.

And while he won't be the Tek of 5 years ago, I gotta believe Tek will be better this year than he was last year.

Tex said...

OMG Ted..i was so focusing on Tek and the shovel I wasnt even paying attention to the other folk.

I choose healthy Tek