Thursday, June 11, 2009

En Fuego!!!

Pick one. I really don't care which one you select. Choose whichever one suits your fancy....cos you may need one of them at the next Yankee - Red Sox series since we are 8-0 ahead of the pinstriped pinheads after this series.

Penny tossed 117 pitches with his last striking out Matsui looking a bit bewildered Im sure. 6 shut out innings...after Ortiz hit a homerun during the 2nd. Penny left the game with the Red Sox in the lead 1-0.

Then the game begin to get interesting. Yankees got ahead thing you know....Red Sox are on top 4-3....and Paps came in to close it down. ::sigh::

A Sweep. The best part? I love this quote from Papi regarding his come back here lately....Papi may be on the right track with trying new habits to enhance his hitting. Sounds good to me.

"I put hot sauce on pretty much everything," Ortiz says, aiming a bottle of his mild Original into a bowl of mondongo (beef tripe soup) before taking a spoonful. "But I like mild hot, not burning hot. Not crazy hot."

"It's not about being a tough guy," he says. "I'm telling you right now, number four is pretty dang hot." He's referring to Grand Slam. "I do not think a human being should try something hotter than that.


HorshamScouse said...

My Mum used to try and get us to eat tripe. Couldn't stomach it (pun intended). Maybe she should have tried Papi's Hot Sauce.

Two more for the season series win.

Ted D said...

I'm taking the round one. But a sweep is pretty freaking sweet, Tex.

BTW, I put Tabasco on everything; meat, eggs, fish, soup, doesn't matter. I think I've eaten away the first two layers of my stomach lining.