Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Red Sox 6 Yankees 0 and no that's not the score of the game

So last time we spoke the Red Sox did some cleaning up with the Yankees....well tonight Beckett took the mound. And by "took the mound", I mean he took command over the rubber and made those pinstriped devils pay. Josh had 8 K's, pitching 6 innings, 2 hits with the game being a shut-out. The bullpen (MDC, Ram Ram and Bard) followed suit with only 1 hit and 1 K...no runs.

Bard ended the game with hitting the radar gun at 100 mph twice...

Drew, Ortiz and Green brought 2 rbi's with Kotsay bringing the other run. Ortiz hit a home run dead to central!!!! Green also hit a home run!! Slowly but surely Big Papi is returning!

Game score Red Sox 7 Yankees 0
We're tied for 1st place now but on top of the Yankees as we've won more games against them in the season...hence the title.

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Ted D said...

Tex, sorry I missed this. The whole "Ciera going to middle school" is getting to me I think.

Watching Beckett mow down the Yankees took me back to the awesomeness of 2007. If he and Lester are this dominating all year? The rest of the league don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning it all.

And now it's 7-0.