Sunday, March 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Earlier this year I posted a Remembrance post about Dustin on the day he died but tomorrow, Monday March 8th is his birthday and would have been his 20th. 

This picture depicts his sweetness and silliness. If I could do anything in this world....I'd bring back that day on the mountain so maybe things could be different. The family misses him alot. His little sister, Haley, has been missing him alot lately. 

March was always a crazy month of birthdays in my own son's birthday is this Thursday, the 11th.  Dustin's was the 8th and his older sis's is the 14th.  My aunt Bobbi and her son Joey birthdays were in March along with my maternal grandmother's.  And my cousin Diane's too.

Having my son and 2 of my little sis's kids birthdays in one week was fun and easy to remember. 

Sending love and hugs to my sis and her family on Dustin's birthday....

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Ted D said...

I can't imagine, Tex. I remember when I first read about Dustin; thoughts and prayers to you and your sister tonight.