Saturday, March 06, 2010

No, I'm NOT a FANATIC, I'm a FAN

Baseball is here...Finally! Spring Time brings bluebonnets and baseball. And if 162 games a year isn't enough for me...I'm joining 3 Fantasy Teams. see I have these different set of internet Red Sox friends who each have a Fantasy League...and I'm invited to two of them...and the third is Thank GOD a Fun League so I won't have to do alot of thinking.
In trying to think of a really good team name this year....I looked at one of my avatars and got my inspiration for the name: Kick Ass Hoots is my team name on all three teams. 

This year will be sad as I won't be able to make the number of games at Fenway as in the past....but I'll be cheering them LOUD and CLEAR...maybe even Boston will be able to hear me.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for August for the Sox to arrive Deep in the Heat of Texas. I'll bring the SG Youk shirt which brought us great luck last year. I'll be spending it with my Canadian gal pal, Leslie, who I met a few years back in Arlington.  She loves Austin...and I've promised to visit her next year for a game. 

Side note: I'm bringing into my FB fold some friends I met along the way in my Blog World who are AWESOMENESS!!!  CAKE and SPARKLES   I hope you find them as amusing as I do. 


Ted D said...

Who is that lunatic with the Texas flag? ;)

Tex said...

your Sis...I hear she has relatives in North Carolina

Ted D said...

I'd heard that; so far I've seen no evidence but I'm waiting....