Thursday, April 29, 2010

To lose patience is to lose the battle

It's almost May....we've only had one month of baseball. 22 games. 11-11.  We've got 5 more months and 140 games left.  Ghandi was a smart wise man who sought peace and freedom. He understood mountains couldn't be built in one day. He understood men couldn't tear down their walls of ignorance in one day. So he used patience as a weapon to win.  John Quincy Adams said "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

The Lester we all knew was there finally arrived last night. The bullpen shined. Our last night in Canada and after two games that seemed like a struggle to win...last night we pushed through.

BELIEVE         FAITH               
Two words we say quite often in the Red Sox Nation
Two words I've been saying as a Mom.  
You see loving my team seems to follow the same path of the love I have for my only child, my son.  They do great things and I'm happy and delightful....then for no reason at all, they bomb and fall.  But I have this unconditional love for them. Sure I love my son much more...but it's truly unconditional.  He's done some things that I am totally against and never back him on....but I'm here still holding on to hope and faith that he'll come around.   Just like I do my Sox.   
After over 10 years of floundering in the world and screwing up any chance of a future, my son is growing up.  Making better decisions to become a man and quit being that little boy.  It just took patience and perseverance. 
Now about the Sox....we've seen 2 World Series Champions in the last 7 years.  TWO!!  Some Sox fans never saw any. So we should be thrilled but we keep saying "What have you done for me lately?"   It's tough to see the boys play so idiotic when we KNOW they have the ability.  Yah, I've felt that many times with my own son....but I just sat back and waited.  I knew in due time, in his own timing, it would come. 

So Let's get behind our boys and root for them all the way to October!! Even Darnell McDonald understands with Tatted across his chest are the words:

“Tough Times Don’t Last’’

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Ted D said...

Well said, Tex. We just gotta persevere, whether it's with our kids or our team. Glad to see your son is turning the corner; I think the boys are as well.