Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BFF #5

Apparently before gates opened at Fenway tonight, there was a bomb threat. Bomb Squad was called but nothing was found. Had they waited around till the xx Inning, they would have seen it...go right over the Monster where Ortiz hit it. Of course, Munchkin pipes up and laughs about it retorting "Bomb Squad?...they're early"  I think he had a premonition since he's been speaking up for Papi with all the haters out there.  Beltre hit a bomb as well and Lackey took down his former bosses making Scioscia cry like a baby in the dugout.

But the real story (if that wasn't story enough for ya)  the Red Sox were honoring Nomar on Cinco de Mayo day. Nomar's entire family was there along with several players he had played with at Fenway.

 And he scored pretty nicely....he got a pair of Fenway seats #5 and #6, him and Pesky's numbers :-)
He got to throw the first ceremonial pitch and see some of his old buddies and we got to see Trot. 
It was a sweet thing the Red Sox did this past Spring Training....signing Nomar to a one day deal so he could retire a Red Sox.  It was sweet and bittersweet seeing he left on such awkward times but such an awesome year: 2004.  And although he did receive a World Series had to be hard for him to watch the team win it without him there.   Nonetheless, fans love Nomar...always will.


Ted D said...

Great ceremony for Nomar and it was great to see Dauber, Lou, and of course Trot as well. They may be cold hearted when it comes to current players Henry and Larry definitely do a nice job after the fellas retire.

unique font said...

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