Monday, May 03, 2010

it really is DIRTY WATER

So yesterday Boston announces "DON'T Drink the WATER....Contaminated Leak" yadayada yada...

The Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs.....Both Played Game 2....and BOTH WON!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm not a hockey or basketball fan but I'm really happy for my friends in NE who are. 

But then...the Red Sox came back into town dragging their slowasses into the clubhouse after getting embarrassed to high heaven at Fenway South.  You can read the stats and all the newspaper articles you want...I watched the game. And I wanna know what was said in the clubhouse this afternoon. I wanna know what they put in the water jugs.  Cos the team that played in Baltimore was NOT the team I saw tonight.

The Team tonight KICKED SERIOUS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know...its just one game but they played the game I knew they could play.  And Beltre hit his first home run as a Sox!!!  and I CALLED IT!

Red Sox 17, Angels 8

and to quote a movie line   "How you Like THEM APPLES?"

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Ted D said...

I like those apples.

A lot.