Saturday, September 25, 2010


Thanks to my buddies over at Surviving Grady for this tidbit on Beckett's performance last it gave me alittle inspiration to write about.
*Picture from Getty off of Yahoo Sports
So OK...I admit Beckett has not had a great season...but heck he's been on the DL most of it!!!!   But last night I was excited, anxious and alittle scared for Beckett.  But he delivered...for a while.  I have to say at the top of the 7th I was shocked Tito kept Beckett in (yah I know I shouldn't be).   I actually thought after that 2nd homerun hit off of Beckett, Tito should have pulled him.  But he didn't but thank God for Hitting. I know the saying "Pitching wins games" but a game isn't won by no Runs. But BACK to why I'm writing this...

With the addition of Beckett to the Sox back in '05, Boston added a few choice words to their vocabulary such as 'horseshit'.  Now Beckett is an intelligent Texas boy so don't let his lack of 'big words' fool you but sometimes those 4 letter words just make you feel better when you've had a shitty game/day.   Never one to mince words, when asked about his start, Beckett gave me giggles at his response: 
"I don't have any words that aren't four letters," ....  "I started leaving some balls up."

Now if Beckett could just get his balls in gear and quit leaving them up to be hit....we'd all be happier.
And yes I'm choosing to use a picture of Beckett NOT getting a homerun hit off of him so THERE

And for all you Beckett Haters.....leave me be. I'm taking my smiles where I can get them.

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