Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Get By with alittle Help from My Friends

This picture I took of Pitching Match Up in Arlington a few years back makes me tear up alittle bit. 

I went with a friend of mine to Opening Day in 2006 but didn't know many Sox fans at that time here in Texas.....this year will be different.

This Friday, April 1st, I will be attending Opening Day in Arlington again.  Only this time, I'll be with my friend Hayes who I met on the SG site as well as meeting up with a ton of Sox friends I've come to know and love!   Now early on, Hayes and I debated about getting some decent tickets for Opening Day...then ended up able to snag SRO ones for face value of $20 a piece SO we figured why spend more money....just enjoy being there so we were set.  We got tickets with our RSN-Texas group of over 100 folks in one area for Saturday game.  Fast forward Today...I get phone call from Sheila Matthews of the RSN-Houston group.  Sheila's husband is the RSN-Texas Governor.  It seems that Jared needs 2 tickets for Opening Day....and he was not wanting to spend alot of money and Sheila and Johnny had 2 spare bleacher tickets which they decided to GIVE me....and I'd sell the tickets to Jared.  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!  Quite frankly I was beginning to worry about not being able to sit down at all during the  game as I'm still having some trouble with my neck and back so I was VERY excited about this.  Plus the fact I'm still unemployed so I'm low on cash...I'm minus low on cash :) 

And with everything going on in my life right now....I NEED a fun weekend to forget about everything, just fun and laugh with friends and enjoy baseball.  Now all I need is the Red Sox to cooperate and WIN These Games!!!!


Ted D said...

Tex, that is awesome. You, hayes, and your other friends have a fantastic time. Wish I could be there.

Section 36 said...

Go Sox!

Tex said...

It can't get here fast enough