Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I am...OSB

I am ready to live my passion.
I wonder if I have enough money to retire on to start my own business.
I hear my neighbors loud footsteps consistently every day all day.
I see my red sox blanket while watching tv while facebooking and writing this and my medicine.
I want a beach vacation SOON.
I am going to get my @$$ in gear and start the non profit to help young women.

I pretend that I am 25 years younger sometimes.
I feel I am just now realizing my destiny and purpose.
I touch my bedding close to me cos it's very soft
I worry that I won't ever get married again and grow old alone.
I cry sometimes at the craziest things and then not.
I am happy with my life but desire more of fun time with those I love.

I understand life is what you make of it...change happens but we control how we react to change.
I say curse words alot when I shouldn't
I dream some but wish that I'd dream about my mother so it'd be like she was still here.
I try to be kind to everyone I meet because you don't know what their world is like.
I hope that others do the same but I'm not naive to think they do.
I am so happy that I have a writing world again.

These are my answers to this month’s Old School Blogging prompts. OSB is a monthly link up hosted by Elaine and a monthly co-host. This month Angela is joining her. Visit Elaine’s blog for more information.


Jennifer said...

I love it Donna. I see a lot of myself in these responses.

Mama Melch said...

I too curse too much...mostly when my kids aren't around, but not always.

Kim Steele said...

I believe in kindness too - and hope that others do, too. I think if enough of us stick with it, it can't help but catch on.
Hope you get a beach trip soon!

Shell said...

Ready to live your passion... love that!