Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In Memory of Mother's Passed

I love words. The Written Word.  I've not always been really good at just saying what I mean so I write. And when I failed at that, I loved getting cards, the right card for birthdays, mothers day and fathers day, etc to say exactly how I felt.  After my mom passed last year, I went through her dresser drawers looking for pics and such...and came across so many cards from her children and grandchildren that she had saved...I recalled getting this one card that had a bookmark attached with it...and I found it!  I brought all the cards I'd given her home with me...that was a treasure in itself. My mom loved being a mom and grandmom. Even to her death she was praying I'd meet my soulmate before she died...but she told me shortly before she passed that she was proud of me and what I'd done with my life. I promised her on her deathbed that I would find 'the one' but she'd have to go looking ahead for me.  I wasn't going to settle for anyone who didn't accept me the way my mom did.

The following phrase comes off of the bookmark that was attached to the card I gave her...I know alot of my friends have lost their moms and so this goes out to ya too... and Mom(I know you're listening and watching), I love you

Mother, thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself...
Thank you for encouraging the dreamer in me and for loving me through each and every fad and phase, and for accepting my ideas when they were different from your own...
Thank you for having faith during the times when I had to do it on my own, and for being there when things didn't work out exactly how I thought they would.

Thank you for all that you are - my wonderful, wise, and loving mother.
Added Mothers Day 2014. As I sit here in my new place on Mother's Day....I miss her even more. I'm reminded each day in some small way about how she is with me...but the funniest ironic thing of all is all these years my Mom wanted me back in church...and prayed for me a job to be happy in...Well Mama...you got it...I work in a building that used to be a Church...now it's a historical landmark and the sanctuary will be forever like a church. Three doors to my office and two of them lead to the sanctuary...and of course MY OFFICE??? it's the Pastor's Office. So she's still smiling and laughing...as she got me back home and in church. I love you and miss you Mom.


Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh I love this. I am so sorry for your loss. Beautiful treasures you have of her.


Tex said...

Thank you so much!