Monday, February 04, 2008

B is for Baseball

Yah so I see I'm missing a few letters...but hey I thought it was cute and makes me smile to see anything can be made about baseball.
Pitchers and Catchers
report in 10 days
Rejoining old friends
to get partying out of the way.
Position Players will be in full form
with Da Manny leading the way.
New members welcomed
with open arms.
Fans waiting by fences
to get a glimpse of
the 2007 World Series Champions.


Ted D said...


Heard you Tex for posting this; I'm ready for reports from FL, Palm Trees, and some actual games to watch.


Tex said...

ok its nightie night time. driving to granbury in the morning. long day. be back home on thursday.


Ted D said...


Ted D said...

Tex, I'm heading to bed. The combination of teenagers at SG and uncertainty about when your new post is coming has my head spinning.

Plus I'm wiped.

I'll check your new post out in the morning.

Ted D said...

Where is the Ryan post?

Hope you are feeling better this morning.

Tex said...

blogger and uploading stuff messed with me...i got tired and Ill do it today

beckperson said...

Teenagers at SG? Thanks for the compliment, Tedders!

Ted D said...

You're welcome, Becks!! ;)

Ted D said...

Love the new flag for the blog, Tex!

What'd the doc say?