Saturday, February 02, 2008

Labels Are For Jars

Welcome to Boston Sean!!! (pic courtesy of BostonDirtDogs) While many are salivating at the thought of having yet another great 1st basemen or enjoying our new eye-candy or even the man-hugs that friendly Sean is apt to bring with his "most friendliest' rep in the MLB and nickname "the mayor"....I thought I would focus on something that is apparently near and dear to Sean's heart: His Charity Work: Labels Are For Jars. Years back, Sean was having a conversation with a friend of his, Rev. Paul O'Brien, and O'Brien's roommate while in college, another O'Brien: may know who he is :) Anyway....Sean had met Paul years back through a mutal friend and I believe he married Sean and his wife as well as baptizing his children. Back to the conversation...they discussed opening up a soup kitchen in Lawrence. Lawrence is one of the poorest cities in Massachusetts and in the U.S.. The Cor Unum Meal Center is where it all takes place. Another way to raise money and awareness for such a great cause....Labels are for Jars charity was created. Please visit their site and see how you can make a difference if you so choose. These shirts are some of the examples of people who we give labels to but who are needing to be fed each and every day. Let's welcome Sean into our sweet home of Fenway by showing our support of his favorite cause....and how cool will it to be living near it now?

Apparently the link to Labels are for Jars is disabled today. It worked just fine up till this morning as I was going to order off of not sure what is going on. But at least you can get the jest of the t-shirt by seeing the one Sean is wearing. They have labels on the shirts such as homeless, hungry, mentally ill, minority, etc.

On the back of the t-shirts it also has the name of the organization: Labels Are For Jars. They come packaged within a plastic jar topped with a lid that has a coin slot in it. The point is to use the jar to raise money for the cause....then send in the jar to the charity. Hundreds of jars have been sent in from across the U.S. raising monies for this charity.


Ted D said...

Nice job welcoming Sean to the team, Tex. And a GREAT job in promoting his charity. A lot of people are going to be touched by this one man and the work he does.

It's really nice to see there are actually some great human beings playing this sport we love.

Tex said...

i may just have to buy one on line before May gets here...and wear it to one of the games.

Ted D said...

Good thinking, Tex.

I may have to do the same.

Tex said...

i wish they would do an extension of the organization here.

Ted D said...

Why don't you contact them and see if you can help in some way?

I guarantee they'd appreciate the help.

Ted D said...

Tex, did you ever find out how much Casey charges for the T shirts?

Tex said...

i think they were $20...but now their website is down. WHF is up with that?

Ted D said...

That's why I asked; I can't get on either.

Maybe it's RSN welcoming Sean aboard and overloading the site?

I know he's played in Detroit the past season and a half, but a guy like that is going to LOVE playing in Boston.

Tex said...

i may have to email the center itself. the website is another way of making money for the 'soup kitchen'. it has a website all itself.

Im sure Sean will certainly be welcomed.