Friday, February 08, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

Coughing and hacking are not a pretty sight when you're trying to work professionally or just go to the store for that matter. After a good party on Mardi Gras, I awoke with someone on my chest....well it FELT like someone was on my chest cos I couldn't breathe and I was coughing up my lungs. Since I was in my other city I work in I kept trying to figure out what was wrong. On day three, this morning, I awoke with an earache as well. I call my other office to get the phone number of the clinic in my other city and talk about how the Dr BETTER give me some Antibiotics!!

SOoooooo I call the 24 hr clinic in the other small city I work in as I was on my way there. I get there and waited at least 45 minutes while filling out paperwork then being moved to another room. So Dr. Lady comes in...listens to me breathing...front and back...I coughed NO not like that....talked about all my symptoms...and without running a blood was determined I had acute bronchitis.

"Well" I said, "Ive had it numerous times". She begins her discussion about how many people have come in with this blahblah blah blahblahblah and they are adamant about getting Antibiotics (I have no idea WHO she is referring to)...long story short. I didn't get Anti biotics. ::angry face::

She gives me this nice brochure explaining Acute Bronchitis..."what part of I HAD this NUMEROUS times did she not hear?" she tells me that this is a viral infection and antibiotics do NOT work on them. I look I ask "What does then?" "Time" she says.

TIME? time?? T I M E???? "oh and it'll take about 7-14 days to get it out of your system" Again I look stunned. I know my previous doctors when I was younger gave me MEDS when i had this. She writes down an over the counter med and advises to get it and take it daily. So I ask a what i thought was a rhetorical question "its not contagious then?" She smiles and says "oh yes it is." again I'm stunned....

She then asks "Do you smoke?" I wanted to say "Only on the SG Board" but I was afraid she'd put me on the 5th floor so I just said "no". So now I sit on my couch after taking the over the counter meds...typing this...posting on SG...and hoping its just freezing cold the next week so I'm not upset about not being able to get out.

Lesson? I don't think there is one. I just know that I'm blaming that coach I met Mardi Gras night for me getting sick. Where's becks? I need that smoke.


beckperson said...

::brings out the hookah::


The water will do us good, Tex!

::provides Tex with her own stem and begs her to keep away from mine::

Ahhhhhhhhhhhm that's better!!

Ted D said...

Tex, sorry to hear you couldn't get any antibiotics. I always thought they gave a Z pack for bronchitis. I think you got one of them new age doctors or something.

Hookah? I thought that was how a Bostonite pronounced a lady of the evening.

beckperson said...

What the fluck is z pack? Wonders why I have never heard of 'em?

Tex said...

Ted you are so you. thanks becks but the doc says smoking would be bad for me.

Tex said...

Tex said...

btw Ted. I took my new pic

Ted D said...

The one on your blog flag?

Very nice.

I'm hoping to take a TON in May and rotate them around once I get back.