Thursday, October 02, 2008

Game 1 - CHECK

I posted about this picture I took some time ago. I drive past it every time on my way to one of my company's locations. Everytime I see it, I think of the possibilities of this year....and the symbolism. Yes 2004 and 2007 were different years and they are in the past....but Today is 2008....and we are going a different direction with this team EVEN from last year....some of the players are the same...but with a new year brings new heros. Lester looked like he was just on the same roll he was on last October. Ellsbury continues to prove why Theo brought him to the show. And BAY....well Bay is just damn happy to be here. Going from the Pirates to the PlayOffs with the Bullpen Band led by a band of Pirates....he has shown us why he's here and why that person who I won't name isn't. One person doesn't win games. No matter what some may say....yes you have walk-offs. Yes pitchers can totally shut down the other team....but one person doesn't win all the games. And unlike in 2004 when we Had Characters on the team....and still had some of them in 2007. It appears to me that the team of 2008 Has Character.

Game 1 Greats

Lester brings It: 7 innings, 7 SO, ERA 0.00 (no that aint no mistake)

Jason Bay hitting a 2 run homer when we were at 1-0 Angels winning...bringing it to 2-1. WooooT. (and you know I had to get some kind of shot in there of Timlin)

And then there's just Awesomeness in the form of Jacoby Ellsbury....our rookie newcomer last year still thinking he's playing the World Series from last year!!!!!!!!!! TWO ... count them TWO Stolen Bases last night!!!!!!!!!

and if all those Angels got is Towels, Monkey's and ThunderSticks....I'd say We Got This.


Ted D said...

Tex, that catch was fantastic by Ellsbury. And watching Lester grow up before our eyes this season, well since the World Series.

Great post, btw.

Crystal said...

Jacoby's back with his post-season greatness!


Tex said...

i need sleep. so i can do this all again friday