Saturday, October 18, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ok Early morning Post if only to answer the undying neverending question of WHY do the Rays clang those cowbells???

According to sources, the Cowbell Ringing begin back in 2006 after the team's new owner, Stuart Sternberg, watched a SNL clip called "More Cowbell" starring Christopher Walken. Stuart was so overtaken by this hilarious scenario, he thought it might be 'the thing' that could rally the fans like the Rally Monkey does the Angel fans. They pass out cowbells and even have Cowbell Etiquette of when to ring your cowbell (there's a video clip to watch) I guess in the scheme of things....alot of fans wonder what Neil Diamond has to do with the Red Sox, much less baseball....and the song "Sweet Caroline"?? knowing now the background of the song's lyrics....I see why we get questioned.

SO...the Rays can have their cowbells...they ARE annoying. The Angels can have their monkey's...they ARE annoying....all the teams that use the white flags are annoying too. I have to say this though....the teams can pick whatever silly marketing scheme they want to get fans to cheer...even put it on the JumboTrons of these new stadiums and parks to TELL the fans to cheer.....but at least in Fenway....I have NEVAH seen once a sign on that JumboTron that tells fans WHEN to cheer....we KNOW when to cheer for the boys......and that would be ALL THE TIME!!!

But for this chick...My Bell Tolls for Thee, my beloved Red Sox.

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