Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Hero's are Born

1st Inning: 4-1 Red Sox up due to BombBAY or BoomBoomBay, aka Jason Bay, whichever is your preference. 3 Run Homerun! (By the way, JD Drew brings in run on a double in the 1st inning as well)

4th inning 5-2....then chip chip chip away the Angels came at us....scoring a run each in the 5th, 7th and 8th to TIE us 5-5.

Papelbon having to come in to put out the fire in the 8th was HUGE....scary HUGE...I'm sure it was not the plan....but he came in held us together for the remainder of the inning....then with a man on base, Yay D. Drew, otherwise known to the world as J.D. Drew, stepped up to bat. And the place groaned....I swear I heard deep breaths taken while watching the telly. But I drew(pun intended) back to my last year memories when Drew came up to bat at a very crucial moment(Game 7 of ALC Grand Slam)...and came through HUGE for I the ball went sailing...sailing...sailing....into the OutField where the Angels stood watching the ball go sailing over their head....HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just like that.....we were back on Top 7-5...with the Angels still having their last at-bats to come. Fitting that Yay D DREW brings our first run in and our last for the game!

Paps came through and we had taken Game 2!!!!! 7-5.

Matsuzaka lasted five hair-pulling innings (eight hits, three runs, three walks, five strikeouts, 108 pitches) and left with a 5-3 lead. Bob Ryan of the Globe called it "Surviving Dice-K"

So we move back to Boston where Game 3 will be played with JPB on the mound....bring in the TALL KICK ASS TEXAN to finish the job.

I have a dear friend who will be there for the first time ever to attend a play off game....I expect nothing less but GREAT AWESOME Pictures.

Oh yeah, there was this awesome SuperHero like catch made by the Bearded One in the 9th inning.


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