Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mama....I wish you were here to Listen to ME

I first heard about Listen To Your Mother Show while residing in Austin.  The focus of the show is about Mothering and Motherhood...but your personal true story.  I am known to be able to tell a good story...but this was on a stage. in front of lots of strangers.  Could I do that?  without panicking?  I've conducted training in front of a few hundred folks...so it's not that. It's bearing your soul and being open in front of strangers.  Most people think they know me.  They think that I'm just this goofy gal who is one big ongoing party Extrovert.  But what they don't know is there is alot of depth to me.  I'm sorta like that duck looking calm on top of the water while underneath the water paddling madly and furiously.

I watched some of the YouTube shows and knew that I wanted to audition but I just wasn't sure what my story would be. It would take me about 4 years later before I worked up the courage and determined my story to tell....but on May 9th, I'll be on stage with 8 others and the two producers of The Show, Jennifer P. Williams and Elaine Alguire who are amazing women!!

I will be remembering my own mother as the show is on Mother's Day weekend...I hope she's Listening to ME

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