Sunday, March 01, 2015

Listen To Your Mother Show - Beaumont

WELL....I've been watching and thinking about this show for a few years and wanting to audition so many times but I chickened out...yah ME chickened out.  This Year I auditioned on Saturday and if I get selected I'll be on the stage in Beaumont at Lamar University telling MY Story of Motherhood. Which one you ask??? Well, you'll have to wait and see if I get selected.  But when I heard about this show...I laughed because I had gotten this under the cap of a tea drink.....and it was at a time I probably should have listened to her.
  She's gone in body but not in spirit...Juanita is here with me.  I know I've left you all hanging waiting for my next post HAHAHAHA!!  But I promise that Donna Gail is BACK. She WILL Deliver....if your Mother is alive...Go Call  or SEE HER!!!!!   and Listen...cos she just might have something Very Important to Say.

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