Sunday, March 08, 2015

What Do You Do With Pain?

Alot of folks think of how life was Before all of our lives changed drastically after that horrific day. It changed me so much that I still took a trip to NYC despite the obstacles. That is ANOTHER Blog Post....

But for the Ellis & Brack Family, our lives changed drastically after 1-19...Odd I just noticed that it is the reversed order of numbers. hmmmm coincidence I know  but after January 19th, 2002(the year AFTER 9-11), my little sister's son was killed in a snow-skiiing accident.  The pain of the loss never goes away but it's What Do You Do With The Pain????  For years, I've seen her and her husband, Dan, suffer. You saw it in their eyes. The girls, Lindsay and Haley, lost their brother...a missing piece of the family.  I recall the first Christmas without Dustin...they left Orange to celebrate with dear close friends in the Hill Country. I followed.  It's been 13 years since then....and each year, our family dreaded the holidays and January. It seemed like a cloud hanging over...But this past January a little package of JOY came spelled J.E.O.: Jack Easton O'Quinn.  Something Darla and Dan has needed and our family has needed.

But Today is Dustin's 25th Birthday...Darla posted the below picture on her Facebook page
What I see is Dustin's heart and all those he touched. Darla is in New Orleans this weekend celebrating Dustin's birthday. She went to a Toby Mac concert (this was one of Dustin's FAV Christian singers)...and this morning she announced she is starting a non-profit, Living For the Line, in honor of Dustin. The pain is still there but this is going to be an avenue that Darla can use to reach so many hurting people...something Dustin was so good at, even as a little kid of 11.  Pain, hurt, grief and anger are considered Negative in most lives....but all of those negative emotions and feelings can be channeled into something Positive....its OUR Choice. I didn't say it was Easy....but it is still OUR CHOICE.


So I challenge you out there when tragedy and maybe just smaller hurts and pain comes our way, What Will YOU do with The Pain???  

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