Friday, March 02, 2007

2nd Day....

Long long long day today. We headed to the park and arrived around 11am. It is crazy there I tell ya! First thing is to get a fresh lemonade inside the park...YES I said FRESH lemonade NO alcohol. I save my drinking for after dark....pretty much the agreement we have on Surviving Grady for Tek-Thirty.... no Tek's ass pics till after dark. Ate the ritual dog and drank my lemo...met up with all my LMotfer crew which was great to see!! We were enjoying the game....when all of a sudden we see CHB in the pressbox upon which SoxontheBeach began ranting at him....gesturing and yelling. We all began yelling "Giant Sphincter". You know the new GPS system that supposedly Curt Schilling's voice is installed???? Well so I was thinking if someone "ME" could secretly installed this system into CHB's vehicle with special messages such as "Turn Right AssHole" or better yet "Only Sphincter's turn right". I don't's just an idea.

The group headed to our friend's for our night bbq....which has to remain a secret as What Happens in Ft. Myers stays in Ft. Myers.

Tomorrow is our 2nd game....and the SFAC charity dinner benefitting ALS of which Curt will be there. I have still yet to get an autograph on my cast....we'll see.

pics coming......stories undetermined....


John said...

//What Happens in Ft. Myers stays in Ft. Myers.//

That wasn't the deal! We're expecting stories, picture, gossip, the lot:)

"Got up. Went to ballgame. Ate BBQ. Got drunk. Went to bed." just won't cut it.

Beazer said...

I heart you and Janet. You know that, right? :-)

Giant Sphincter! Way to represent, ladies!!!!!

Ted D said...

John, amen brother! Tex, you can't got to ST and give us nothing! We want you to paint us a picture of how it is down there: and we want PICTURES! I know the woman who got me blogging knows how to upload or download, or whatever you call it to get some pics here!

BTW, you need to let us commoners know what your myspace address is!

Have Fun.

Tex said...

Do ya EVEN know what time we are limited to here???? I mean we left the game early today to get ready for SFAC...most likely TONIGHT will be stories...cos I will be most definitely drunk!

Varitekchick said...

TEXY! I can't believe I didn't realize you had a blog! Good stuff, girlie! Good stuff!

I want to hear SFAC stories !!!!!!

Ted D said...

Tex, I hope this finds you feeling better. I hope your hand feels OK.

And you'd best get off your tail and POST some ST stuff, ASAP! :)

C'mon now Texas: REPRESENT!

Ted D said...

Tex, saw the change in the links. I'm gonna look at it during the boys naptime this afternoon.

VERY glad you are feeling better. A healthy Tex is a funny Tex.:)

Ted D said...

You'll never believe it Tex:

I fixed the links!