Friday, March 09, 2007

Delayed Spring Training Stories

I suppose most of you read by now that SotB and I both came down with some nasty stuff on vacation. Let me tell ya it hit hard...hard enough to knock this Texas gal on her ass for the last 3 days.
BUT...that is not why you're reading this.
Friday afternoon.
So you know the Flag was flown for Texas Independence Day...even if Timlin or Beckett didn't pitch.
OK so SotB, Btlgrl, Ken and I leave the game alittle early as we have to retrieve our food from our hotel. We were staying in Bonita Springs which is about 20 miles from Ft. Myers. We gather up our goodies, get cleaned up, and head to Brenken's house WITH directions. Now, I love Brenken to death and all for all she's done....but my group voted her off the "mapmaker" job status. Mind you, we've been to her house at least twice before...but this was once a year. After taking a wrong turn...calling and turning around...almost there and STILL taking the wrong turn AGAIN...figured it out and finally made it to the GATED community of XXX. (hey there has to be SOME privacy). Anyway this is one of those REAL gated communities where you give the person's name you are visiting and your name. I started to yell out, "just tell her Tex is here", but I let Ken handle it since he was driving. As we drove through, we recalled how to get to her house but as we were turning this curve and passed this condo addition....we remembered....rumor was Tek was renting one of those condos!! ok so we behaved and went to brenken's house. (you'll hear about the night I did go soon)
Seriously, the bbq was fairly tame....between my cast, CBKen's and Soxy's recent hospital stay, JimEd's just getting over being ill and TomCat being sick....we were a bunch of lightweights. I brought the usual Sam Adams and it was gone in a snap. We left early and headed to the store to get more beer. JimEd had flew in from Manchester even with that storm! He was ready to party but we all were pretty tired and so we drank a few but called the party short as we had to get some sleep.
You see the bbq is usually on the last day of the weekend...but we were trying to have it on friday so more could come......also we need to have it on Sunday because by then...everyone is relaxed and comfortable and really don't care about behavior...we were just getting into partying.
oh yeah today at the ballpark some guy stopped me and asked, "hey where'd you get that Red Sox cast?" (this was before the Schilling sig) I looked at him...bit my tongue...and just explained I had a red cast and I put the tat on there. I wanted to tell him, "Dude, there almost out of them in the Souvenir Store...better hurry up" But was pretty cool to think I have a Red Sox Cast!!! Maybe the ARI* was worth it.
for those ignorant to acronyms
*Alcohol Related Injuries


Ted D said...

Tex, thanks for the help with the acronym, me being an idiot and all.

I told Angie today I'm gonna look into taking a vacation to ST next year. Probably will leave Trot with my Mom, but Ciera and Rakes would have a blast. Shoot, so would I for that matter.

Great post: I want more stories. And pictures. And are you ever gonna tell me your myspace address?

You all sound like you had a blast. Just wish you could have gotten a fellow Texan like Beckett or Timlin to sign for you.

When does the cast come off?

Tex said...

Cast comes off March 22nd. I knew it would be hard to get an autograph on the cast as you really dont get close to the guys sometimes...having to throw what you want signed...its crazy at ST.

uhmmm you ARE taking Angie to ST?? She would have a blast at the beaches!

you know I am getting my pics from everyone else. my digital hope to get some from SotB and a couple of others. Kelly is supposed to burn me some.(onto cd's)


I think you have to create a myspace account to blog on a myspace account. I guess this will be another lesson?

I hope you get to go. You don't have to stay in Ft Myers...many other places around are cheaper.
well...more stories and pics to come.

Kaylee said...

Nice story.I am going there monday.I am sacrificing watching the MFY-sox game on Monday night though but,I think being in route to go them play up close is better than watching a game at home:)

Ted D said...

Tex, of course Angie will come with me! Ciera's Godfather works in the Indians organization, so lodging is taken care of.

Jeez: another account? I'll give it a whirl, just keep checking your emails. You know me and the weakwater.

Looking forward to more stories.

Ted D said...

Tex, it keeps saying my photo is too big.

I'll try again tomorrow. 2 times outside with my allergies is my limit tonight. I like the MySpace thing though. Great music too. Can't go wrong with Tom Petty. Although I prefer "Southern Comfort" myself. :)

Tex said...

Ted who/what is "IT" that tells you your photo is too big?? the blog? the myspace? your inside voice?? :)

Ted D said...

The myspace thingie Tex, the myspace thingie!

Have a great day with your son.

Ted D said...

Tex, I know you are sick. And I hope you get better real soon.

And I need to hear some ST stories, told only the way you can.

Get well soon Texas.