Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the Panthers await....

So it's Saturday morning ..... SO IT'S Saturday MORNING!!!!! Another game....but this time Brenken's daughter is singing the national anthem...so we HAVE to get there on time.
It's actually an uneventful day till that evening. We leave the game early so we can return to Bonita Springs to get ready for the SFAC dinner. Knowing Curt usually doesn't show up till later...we're not worried about being alittle late. Walking and picking up our table assignments...Brenken rushes over frantically gushing out something about Curt's here and people are already in line getting autographs...wait What?? Glancing over...sure enough, there's the Bloody Sock guy signing autographs and taking pics with fans. I grab my item to be signed and rush over like an obedient girl. I had this whole rehearsed phrase I was going to say to Curt but thrown a curve ball (no pun intended..ok well yeah) anyway...I totally forgot to tell him about my idea to secretly install the GPS with Curt's voiceover into CHB's car....a blown opportunity! oh well I get my item signed AND get Curt to sign my cast! TC and his wife take a pic of me with Curt...Sssssswwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Ok now off to the silent auction....i see exactly what I want....Beckett's autographed ball!! I warn everyone to stay away....ok auction's over and the dinner begins. blah blah blah (thats the speaker....I get Beckett's Ball, Btlgrl gets Lowell's Ball(well his good one) and KellyJ gets Papi's Big Black Stick...anyway we all leave happy and head to Mona Lisa's to parTAY!

SotB heads over to sign up to sing(karoeke) and we all settle in for our beers. After bearing through some of the wretched singers on stage...finally they call SotB's name and we head into the stage area. I hold her beer while standing at the edge of the stage....SotB begins singing "Sin Wagon" of the Dixie Chicks.....I'm doing a jig near the stage.....sorry no pics :)

Sunday hits and we head to Hammond Park for the Twins game. It's a fairly nice park but alot in the sun. We're watching batting practice....leaning over the dugout I'm waiting to see if anyone will autograph...SotB is standing next to me when all of a sudden she runs over to the end of the dugout screaming like some 16 yr old girl "Tek!!". Before I know it....dozens of kids have surrounded her and she throws her Tek jersey at him, he signs it but by this time he's pointing at WHO gets to throw him items to sign...he ONLY points at KIDS!!! I'm there with my hoots hanging out and all and he points to KIDS???!!!! Sheeeeeeesh another blown opp to get Tek's autograph!! PFfffffffffft! Oh well so I got back to watching the boys....finally I see David Murphy and begin yelling at him. A guy next to me suggested I wait till David walks back to the dugout....so I did...patiently....as David walks slowly and deliberately trying NOT to look up....I yelled at him and held up my TEXAS Flag....the smile that came across his face was undescribable! His face lit up as if seeing an old friend! He walked over and I asked if he'd sign the flag...he nodded then I asked him to sign the star....to which he smiled again....of course he said. Well THAT made this girl very happy!!

Leaving the game...we're headed to the car....passing a couple of car loads of Sox fans standing out drinking and eating in the parking lot...they yell at us asking where are we from. There are 4 of us and we're all from 4 different states....but as soon as I say Texas, one of the guys says some smartaleck remark about the Rangers. I prance over to him, moving my hair from my shoulder I reveal my Red Sox tattoo...you see it's my PIC here. He turned me around and said to me, "I gotta kiss a Texas gal who sports a Sox tat!" He pecked me on the cheek and then we were off.

What a day it was!!! Schilling and Santana pitching and we won!! Bonus I decided to stay an extra day and I was gonna see Beckett pitch the next day. Ok I think I am almost through with past Spring training games.

Sheeesh...this Walking Pneumonia killed me.


Ted D said...

Whooooot! More stories finally: I know you've been sick Tex, so I've been good about not picking on you too much. I'm jealous: it sounds like you had blast. Getting Schillings autograph is too cool.

Wow, it's nice and calm over here. Who would have guessed all the crazies would post at my blog? :)

Of course, they are all family so there you go.

VERY good post Tex.

Tex said...

hopefully I can finish the stories tomorrow. THEN I can get back to my life stories.

Im getting excited cos Opening Day is near.

Ted D said...

Me too Tex: DirecTV got me installed today, and I signed up for Extra Innings: I'm ready.

Ted D said...

::quietly checking in. Don't want to make too much noise and cause Tex's head to explode::

Feeling better Tex?

You cracked me up this morning when I read your comment. :)

Tex said...

ok one last post about florida spring training...then on to new stuff. I have to say Ted you outdo me in your ability to write about stats. I just do the big picture.

Jaffe said...

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