Thursday, March 01, 2007

The 1st Day

Flight Days can be long and dreary......if there is no entertainment. But I try to make a habit of making my own entertainment. Today I get to the airport and due to my personalized red cast....I get 'selected' for special scanning. I know ya saw my posted itty bitty cast what could I hide in there?? a nail clipper??? Sure TSA...have at it!! But good thing they let me get into the PreBoarding line....WoooHOOOOOO!!! So long flight from Austin to Orlando....getting off and heading to other plane. Finally getting on and getting situated....two other women ask to sit in my row....the 2 men and woman sitting behind me began talking.....before I know it, entertainment has begun. Apparently the Lowell Spinners' clubhouse manager was sitting behind me and was quite the entertaining fellow. I am not certain of his age but know he has grandchildren. As discussion began about relationships with "ex's", he stated for at least 3 months he resides with his ex and her hubby!! Ok everyone around put their magazines and books up, pulled off their i-pod earphones and kinda like that commercial says "when e.f. hutton talks, people listen.." It was air flight entertainment at its finest!!!

I land in Ft. Myers and head to drop off my carry-on with the friends at Chili's in the airport...go to Baggage FINALLY get my one bag....heading back to Chili's when a REALLY CUTE airport staff in one of those dorky orange vest walks by me and says something but I didn't quite hear him and asked him what he said....he looked at me and said..."Why are you Mean?" For a second...I looked at him dumbfounded...THEN I recalled...I had my tanktop on from my favorite bar...The MeanEyed is a black tanktop that just says...MEAN across the front. I laughed it off...headed to my friends...although thinking, "hey, I got hit on within 30 minutes of being in Ft. Myers!!" That's got to be a GOOD THING!

Yeah we all went and ate and drank but tonight is the slow night....I Promise...Plenty of Stories yet to come!!!

One quick story from this morning as I got ready for the trip. I do not have a dryer...TED????
anyway...I took my clothes to dry them....sitting there in the laundromat looking out the windows I saw this lady walking her dog....she had shorts on...with tall skinny RED SOCKS ON up to her knees!!!! any other time, I would have snickered at a get up such as this...but today....I just smiled...cos I thought "I'm GOING TO SEE THE RED SOX THIS WEEK!!"

Life is good.


Ted D said...

//One quick story from this morning as I got ready for the trip. I do not have a dryer...TED????//

Oh Crap: I forgot about my "Get Tex a Dryer fund". Sorry Tex: when you get back from sunny FL, with all kinds of Red Sox stories, and autographs, I'm SURE I'll get right on it!

Have a blast! E mail me if you need bail money!

Tex said...

Ted....I dont think Ft Myers Jail allows the use of computers. But the Bonita Springs City Hall is right down the road from us SO at least we know where to pay tickets at.

Ted D said...

Tex, I posted this at SG, but you guys have got to get on that concourse behind home plate where the center field camera films and wave tomorrow: Wave that Texas flag so we'll know it's you!