Sunday, November 11, 2007

Don't Fight It

I was lying down half asleep attempting to nap while listening to some tv show in the background when I heard this comment "You fight the waves so much that you forget to enjoy the ocean." That comment resounded in my brain over and over and I woke up and couldn't get it out of my here I am.

We see obstacles as just that: Obstacles when instead they can be Opportunities to grow and mature and learn from. When life's ocean brings waves to our life, we fight them, look for ways around them, go under and around....when what we should do is sink in them....feel it....the flow and ebb of where it leads....then come up for air. Perhaps if we handled stress and problems that come our way the way surfers do...they go WITH the ocean waves instead of fighting them....we'd end up at our goals. Make Obstacles Work for us. Make us stronger and better.


Ted D said...

Nice post, Tex. I've been dealing with some problems that make me feel like I'm treading water and getting nowhere, and this post has given me a new way to approach them.

So, if it doesn't help anyone else, it helped me.

Thanks, sis.

Tex said...

just dont forget to breathe. I think thats why many people stress out during problems. they forget to breathe

Stacy said...

Great post, Tex. Another one here who definitely needs to follow your advice.

Tex said...

Easy to say. difficult to live. If i could have known what I know now at age 20.

Ted D said...

Tex, great point on the breathing. I find myself almost hyperventilating at times thinking about the kids, money, mortgages, and college.

Once again, a great post that hit home.

You knocked it out of the park.

Stacy said...

Tex, I'm with you on the knowing then what I know now.

Hopefully, I would have done a LOT less worrying, and trusted God to work things out in His time.

Redbeard76 said...

That which does not kill me makes me stronger. Great words to live by, great post, just how I felt last week when you wrote this.