Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who is That you ask?

Naw...it aint a baseball. It's just The Beckett during Spring Training. It's just a 20 game winner this season, and that aint counting Post-Season! The only one to make it in the last 2 seasons. It's just Mr. October, the one who tore down the Indians teepees, crushed their wigwams, poured water on their smoke signals for help, smeared their warpaint on his face and took the Chief's squaw for his own. It's just Commander KickASS of the F.U. Brigade, the one that took a pickax to the Rockies and chipped away their hope and dreams of becoming a new empire of destiny. It's just Josh being Josh....fluent in fuckinese and Master of Post Pressers. Muy Grande in Texas of November 2002. The next year he wins WS MVP with the Marlins. The Winning Pitcher of the All Star game. The first MLB pitcher since 2005 to win his first 7 starts. Just the ALCS MVP this year. It's just JPB, the tall silent Texan. Well silent till pushed by the media with stupid ass questions. It's JPB, southeast Texas boy, Kid Heat, a 2-time World Series Champion of 2 different teams AND leagues!! All at the tender age of 27. He's been in the Show since 2001. Here it is 2007.

So C.C., keep the stinking award. JPB has plenty of time to get it. Besides, Josh is most likely sitting in a deerstand somewhere in south Texas with his gun pointed at dinner.


Redbeard76 said...

//took the Chief's squaw for his own//

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Ted D said...

Tex, if the PC patrol ever read this, you are going to blow their mind! Hilarious!

Tex said...

I just write what I know.

I am part Cherokee so tell the PC to bring it on