Thursday, November 08, 2007

Somewhere deep in the heart of Texas

Wonder what Josh Beckett has been doing? I mean we've been seeing Papelbon, Ortiz and Manny making the circuit. The Red Sox won the World Series for the 2nd time in 4 seasons....a 2nd Duck Boat parade....dancing in kilts. autograph signings with players...craziness. and where is Josh Beckett after all that?
Hunting in South Texas on his ranch in Cotulla, Texas....waiting to hear if he gets the CY with his ring.


Stacy said...

Nice photo, Tex. :) A Cy Young would be well deserved.

Ted D said...

Tex, he's probably had his butt glued to a tree stand since the day after the parade.

I wonder who he curses at while hunting?

"Come out, you mother ******* deer, and take your killing like a F******g man!

Tex said...

see. ive been doing some reading on josh. I read a quote back when he was a marlin and imagine this: He had a few expletives in his quote...its just how he talks. Im sure his mom cringes alittle at those pressers but deep inside, Im sure she's smiliing....and saying "thats my josh" :)

The interview in the Globe was over the phone on the friday AFTER the WS. So yah...parade on Tuesday...flight out on to Cotulla or private plane on Thurs....Im sure he's been in a deerstand many times since then

highsox said...

Josh has been taking in some Spurs basketball

Tex said...

thanks highsox for the heads up! And apparently Beckett has bought himself a place in San Antonio as well. which means he's right down the road from me in Austin :)