Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ok so I swore I wasn't going to post about the waiting for Lowell to sign. I grow tired of looking for new material to read in the news or blogs and all I find is Sign Lowell...Mikey SIGN NOW...What's taking so long??....But the waiting is killing us all. I mean we had to endure all this back in 2004 with Tek and FINALLY right before Christmas...or was it on Christmas?? Heck...All I know is I figured SOMEONE would have to take Tek's place as "that player" who we were all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the ink dry on the dotted line. Did ya know that Mikey has a finance degree?? and he had a 4.0 gpa in high school?? Ok So he's all set for retirement now...And he and his wife are high school sweethearts....awwwwwww

Turkey Day is around the corner and before you know it you'll be stuffed to a tryptophaned daze with pumpkin smeared across your shirt when all of a sudden you'll be awaken by someone screaming "TOUCHDOWN!!!" or "Honey, Do we have any of that Pecan Pie left??"

Anyhoo....Has Lowell Signed YET???


Stacy said...

According to my reliable source, Mikey signed.
Sigh of relief.

Tex said...

thank we can worry over the other Mike

KAYLEE said...

WHOS THE OTHER MIKE? am I clueless?

Ted D said...

Timlin, Kaylee. Timlin.

Tex, all is now well. Mike Lowell at 3B for the next 3 years has got me smiling from ear to ear. This guy has ingratiated himself into Boston in the past two years in a way that is only rivaled by the Large Father.

Good to have him back.

highsox said...

Not sure if you've seen this or not, but I found this on in a chat with Nick Carado:

Is there any interest in resigning Mike Timlin?

Nick Cafardo - He's been offered a 1-year deal. Not sure if it's a straight major league contract or a minor league deal with a major league invite.

Tex said...

as long as I have a chance of timlin being in a red sox uniform Ill be happy!!