Thursday, January 24, 2008

All in the Day of a Baseball Star

So we've all been wondering what Josh has been doing in the off-season...and of course I know exactly where he is every second *wink wink*

Well for starters we know Josh has been hunting.

And he's been going to support "his teams".

and of course he's got to hang out with his favorite gal.

But then he's got to hang out with his buddies drinking

and listening to country and western music.

All in the day and life of a baseball star right?? All I know is I'm ready to see this picture

and this especially
Is it Spring YET???


Ted D said...

Very nice, Tex. I notice the one of you and him is missing. Hmm...

I can't wait to see him stomping and cursing around the mound when someone has the audacity to take a strike they think is ball 4. One of my favorite ALCS moments was him jawing with Kenny Lofton when Beckett thought Lofton disrespected him. I love the guy.

Tex said...

the last two pics are MINE. in San Diego. :) SEE I did take some.

and you DO know that picture of me and him is fake right? hate to disappoint you and let you down thinking Tex is the almighty charmer :)

Ted D said...

Fake? What are you saying? You mean you didn't really go drinking with Beckett?

::world collapses::

I lke the TWO SD pics you showed. WIll I see the other ones before I can collect social security? ;)

Tex said...

i know i know. I really have tried to take time but i just dont seem to be able to.

but hey at least you saw 2 of them :)

Ted D said...

Yes I did. And they were great.

Speaking of pictures, you realize I can't leave Boston in May without a picture of me and my sis outside Fenway, right?

I nominate Kelly to take the picture. What do you think?

Tex said...

all i know is we are taking a picture together on top off the Monster!!! We're doing the fenway tour. I never get tired of it.
and in front of the 04 & 07 banners. and with josh if I can finagle it. but they'll probably arrest me if I jump in the bullpen

Ted D said...

The Monster and the flags are definates, Tex.

Not sure about you jumping the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

You could always say that Ted pushed you Tex!

Any chance of getting Beck to sign my Wheaties box? =)

Ted D said...

Carol, I'm guessing that has already crossed her mind. I'll have to remind myself to sit on the outside. ;)

beckperson said...

Tex, you got a "two-fer" in that picture of Josh on the mound. In the foreground is a nice version of the Mikey Lowell butt!


Tex said...

Becks don't think I already realized that. I took several shots of this. YUMMMM O!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Ooh. Tex: That Beckett boy. I'm with ya 100%.