Monday, June 23, 2008


Ok this is a picture I took while at Fenway in May and Beckett was pitching....he pitched just as good do you get So many K's but still lose a game? I have to give Haren his due cos he kept our boys from scoring runs. I ain't got nothing tonight cos I'm just so bummed.

I get to see Wednesday's game on ESPN and then I'm off to Houston to see the boys play the Stros at Minute Maid. The only juice I hope is there is in the name of the park.


Crystal said...

Is that the picture you were trying to post on SG last nigh?

Beckett pitched GREAT, i'm glad he's got his mojo back. Now the bats need theirs!


Ted D said...

Tough loss last night. I really enjoy good pitching matchups like that, just not so much when we're on the losing end of it.

Great picture, btw. I got some of the same group, just from the other side of the park and not near as good as yours.

Tex said...

of course thats the pic haloscanwad wouldnt let me post.

i started taking those pics as soon as I saw them putting up Ks.