Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Juice Tour


Personally, I've had about enough of Minute Maid to last me a lifetime. It's left a very bitter taste in my mouth and not enough sweetness for my tongue to taste. About all I felt was the pulp of the grinding out the last two nights. I'm ready for a new brand of juice and it better come with the Runs. It looks like Tropicana has many more flavors than Minute Maid...I'll take mine with No Lobsters, Runs and mellow fellows.


muse said...

Tough weekend for you? I thought of your heartbreak when I saw the recap of the game.

We are going in Aug to see the Cards and the Stros...any ideas about where to stay? It's a girl's weekend...and that area is pretty desolate isn't it?

Crystal said...

Wish there was a better outcome for you, Tex.

Did you ever get to meet up with a fellow SG member?

Tex said...

muse, i would stay at either Crown Plaza, Hilton or Inn at the Ballpark near the park.

Crys...i had fun anyway. and yah I met up with Angela for a brief time.

Ted D said...

Tex, I try to check everyday but you slipped TWO new ones by me!

Glad you had a nice time, just wish they'd have won more for you.