Saturday, June 21, 2008

I don't know what's So Grand about it

They say Troy Glaus hit a Grand Slam today. Grand?? What's so damn Grand about it? Damn Giant just changed the color of his feathers and still gets on our nerves!!

Dice-K only lasted ONE INNING!!!!!!!!!!! ONE. UNO. did you get that??? just coming off the DL and he can only handle ONE inning??? The Cards scored 4 runs in the first inning with 2 batters. Ok I lie...Dice-K came into the 2nd and loaded the bases...THEN he was pulled and in came for his major league debut, Chris Smith. He struck out Ankiel Woooooooooo. and then up stepped the Giant. Grand SLAM MY ASS!!!! Wasn't nothing grand about it to me. Tomorrow's another day. Lester's on the mound. He's been doing pretty well lately and I for one hope he brings his guns and the balls that have K's on them. Reminds the boys to bring the "run" bats to the park too. Below is print from Chris Speakman's work. IF you haven't checked out his art, you MUST. If you love baseball and art...Hell if you love baseball or sports, Check out how he transforms our love of our Boston teams into another passion he has.

Meanwhile, I'm battling another bout of bronchitis. I'm getting sick of eating soup in the summer time.


Ted D said...

Tex, I was working and didn't get into the car until about the 4th inning, but read about it later. I wonder if Daisuke is still hurting or was just rusty. Before he got hurt he had a fairly low era, but you never know. And Troy Glaus is a dink.

Hope you can get over this bronchitis fairly quick this time. You gotta start taking care of yourself.

::little brother rant/::

Tex said...

i know. i need to take vitamins as well as get back on my exercise routine. i felt better back then. i just saw that the artist that does those prints from DD has me on his blogroll. :p SEE at least someone thinks my blog is worth linking :)

Ted D said...

Hey, your blog is at the top of my links!! Now some Johnny come lately decides to join in: I was on the Don't Mess with Tex bandwagon a long time ago!

Tex said...

i wasnt talking about YOU. "dont mess with texas bandwagon" LOL!! You are always on my top list. just messing around

Ted D said...