Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beckett for President

Yes, I am aware I have not kept up my promise to post at least twice a week. But it's not the first promise I've broken so don't go hating on me yet. I'm lagging somewhat behind in my baseball following this year. Just alot on my plate and I figure I can get my updates on a daily basis on Cyn's and Ted's blog as well as the SG chat room.

Today, JPB steps back on the mound after his suspension he received during the Angel's game. There has been alot of discussion whether or not it was warranted..but bottom line is Josh stepped towards the plate and he should have kept his angry little ass on the rubber. But hindsight's always better than foresight. Let's just hope that this game gets Beckett's sights focused on getting more of the above picture...which I think I found off of Boston Globe.

First game of the year that I get to actually watch Beckett pitch and I'm alittle giddy....yes I said GIDDY. Let's go Texas us PROUD.

And if Texas EVER does secede from the union....I'm voting for Beckett for President.


Ted D said...

Tex, it's nice to know I'm in NC and your in Texas and we're both watching The Commander dealing! Let's hope he's on the hill at MGPLZ.

Tex said...

lets hope for Fridays game. Im not going to Saturdays game.