Sunday, April 19, 2009

This game was brought to you by the Lester "K"

7 Shut-Out Innings. 9 Orioles Struck Out. Only 4 hits. **pic courtesy of Boston Globe

If anyone was worrying if Lester wasn't here to win...they should put those worries aside after today's game. Not that I think Lester is our savior and taking us to October like many do....but I do think after this game, it's given me reason to pause. And breathe. Cos I need to after that excruciating 9th inning by Saito. Don't get me wrong....I was glad to see no runs scored in the 8th on Ramirez...but Saito allowing 2 men on base in the 9th nearly made me wish I had asthma so I could at least have some instrument to assist in my breathing spasms I was having.

I posted on SG...."CLOSERS are supposed to close the game not LOSE the game" You know there is only one letter difference in those words....coincidence?? Naw...this is baseball. There are NO coincidences in baseball.

And shortly after my post, with Scott's fly-out to right field assisting in the 2nd out....I only had to be concerned with Zaun pinch-hitting skills...which I WAS CONCERNED.

Zaun tried but got whiffed out by the last pitch and struck out looking on a 80mph curveball marking this Saito's 1st SAVE for the Red Sox!!! WoooooooooooooooooooooooT.

There is one letter that stood out today. "K"

**oh and don't tell Nancy but I think I found my new fav player:
**pic courtesy of KellyO from her site at

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Ted D said...

Tex, with Beckett and Lester at the top and Smoltz coming, this team is built to win.

Now, if my nerves can take Pap and Saito is another story....