Sunday, April 26, 2009

So does God listen when both pitchers pray?

Tonight we have Andy vs Justin
Andy who has had his share of issues and problems....let alone the rumors of his alleged affair(s)...but the admission of using HGH...being tight with Clemens who obviously doesn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. Andy is a somber dude. I've rarely seen him smile...but that may be due to the Yankees not winning much lately. So I won't judge.

And then there's Justin
son of a missionary. Heck Justin was born in Jamaica while his father was a missionary. Justin professes his religion and Papelbon admits he can't recall ever hearing a curse word come out of Masterson's mouth. Newly married. Always seems to be jovial.

So when you have both pitchers professing to be a christian....who does God listen to?

Or is it really a test of wills and ability?

**and thanks SG crew for inspiring me for today's post. Check back later for a recap of the game's score.


Ted D said...

This is sort of like the question of Adam and Eve being the first two people, have 2 sons, and one goes off and "Finds a wife." How is this possible if they were the first two people on earth?

Trot's Hat said...

I figured the Bible just got...abridged for the sake of maintaining interest. No one wants to hear about Able's first date.