Sunday, February 21, 2010

And They're OFF!!!

photos grabbed Barry Chin(Globe Staff)
 Pitchers and Catchers began frenzy quizzing Theo and Tito to death.  Who's going to be Opening Day Pitcher? Who's going to be in the 5-man Rotation?  Interviews left and right...all giving Wakefield his due respect.  Talk of Beckett and what's to come with an offer for him after this season....Tito saying Beckett is the Leader of the pitchers in the clubhouse...Lester saying we need Beckett but all acknowledging Theo and FO makes those calls. Getting used to knowing that Tek isn't going to be our 'everyday' catcher but somehow VMart captured my heart last season when he appeared from the Indians...he had me at the Ranger game with his last inning hit taking us to a Win.  You might recall that night when you saw me on the Telly...a picture many captured on their phones.
Thanks to some of my Red Sox friends who are avid Minor League followers of the Sox....I know many of those 'invitees' to Spring Training.  It's fun to watch the young ones compete to get 'a spot'...that's something I think I miss the most of going to Spring Training now.   

I don't know about you....but I am SO ready for baseball. It may be my saving grace this year to keep me sane.

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Ted D said...

It can't get here fast enough, Tex.