Saturday, February 27, 2010

Diamonds....the way to a Baseball Fan's heart

found this at Etsy's blog
Yeah...I tried to find a baseball calendar but when I saw this one....I smiled cos really...This is where it begins. 

Diamonds begin as coal....years of polishing underneath our Earth's surface....heat applied...and finally VOILA':  Diamonds and many men have spent WADS of cash making women smile with them.  Honestly, the money John Henry spent on new players this year has made me far happier than LindaLou could ever be with that large stone that makes her hand drag the ground.  I'd say there are other women (and men) who'd agree with me. 

March brings us games...practice games, but nonetheless, GAMES. I'm ready for Opening Day but March games will be fun to watch on NESN while we get to see the rookies and invitees and to see WHO lands on the Roster. Lots of debate and talk and discussion about who we'd rather see on the field.  Everyone's got an opinion...just like everyone's got, well, You Know the saying. 

Another year gone by that I will not be attending Spring Training....I hope next year that changes but in the meanwhile, I'll sit on my lovely couch watching NESN, read and, and read SG to hear all about the ins and outs of our team.  Yeah...I'm a Red Sox fan from Texas. So SUE ME.

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Ted D said...

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.

It's almost here, sis.