Sunday, February 28, 2010

There's Gold in Them Thar HILLS!

They came looking for  gold but ended up giving millions a reason to watch hockey today.   Team USA won silver while Canada took the Gold.  And when I say they 'took' the gold....I mean they had to fight for it.  The game was ON from the beginning....with Canada taking the lead and keeping it till further into the game...with a 2-1 lead....and looking like the gold was just not going to happen...USA tied causing the game into Overtime!!  Another chance at Gold.

But alas...Canada scored first so Gold to Canada with a 3-2 win over USA. Congratulations to our boys who worked very hard at this game. 

Meanwhile over on the east coast in warmer weather, the boys are prettying up for us to be shown in the game magazine.  
 And Papi in his search for Pedroia at Spring Training is inquiring Enrique's brother if he's seen Pedroia 

the fans in Florida are wondering the same thing as I am....

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Ted D said...

Funny; I'm asking the same thing too, Tex.